Federation Presentation

Established in 1990, the Federation of European Pharmacological Societies, a non-profit association, set as its mission to advance research and education in Pharmacology and related sciences and to promote co-operation between National/Regional Pharmacological Societies in Europe and surrounding countries.

Fundamental principle of EPHAR is that nothing done by, or in the name of, the federation shall detract from autonomy of any of the participating societies. As to achieve its objects, the Federation undertakes the follow actions:

Ηold and arrange instructional courses and training programs in matters connected with pharmacology;

Facilitate the exchange of scientific information between European pharmacologists by encouraging the holding of joint meetings between European member societies and by other appropriate means, like the periodical European congresses of Pharmacology;

Collect, disseminate information and encourage the participation to important activities organized by member societies. This will include the production of a calendar of the National and joint meetings of each European society.

Establish common standards for basic courses in pharmacology

Encourage scientific collaboration between member societies by appropriate means.

Since 1990, the Federation has sponsored important scientific events. EPHAR supports activities organized by its member societies that are intended to improve the cooperation among European pharmacologists. Activities supported by EPHAR are:

EPHAR Lectures

EPHAR Symposia

EPHAR Poster Awards

EPHAR Young Investigators Awards

EPHAR Paoletti Award